January 23, 2020

The Great Golden Business Tour: AMCI (the wireless asset tracking and monitoring folks)

Rows of unlabeled Solar SatAlarmĀ®-Sentry units - a remote sensing and communication device - are lined up ready for finishing touches and shipping.

Last Friday, after all the smoke and ashes from the Indian Gulch Fire had settled, Steve Glueck and I paid a visit to two Golden employers, Page 1 Solutions and AMCI (aka American Millennium Corporation, Inc.). AMCI is run by Bruce Bacon, a friend from the Golden Community Garden, and his business hits an obscure but really important and sizable niche in the wireless technology universe: devices that track the status of equipment and relay that information through wireless and satellite technology from anywhere to anywhere. Some of their devices will even allow you to operate that equipment remotely as well.

Among their clients: the operator of a large but remote solar installation, drilling companies (the devices alert operators when a pump station stops running, for example), vehicle fleet operators who can track the location of each vehicle, outfits that manage and monitor the condition of storage tanks or open pit tanks, and on and on.

The premise is simple: a fiberglass box, a wireless transmitter, a battery, and whatever sensors they need for the task at hand. Monitoring the status of and operating remote equipment is a significant problem across a bunch of industries, and AMCI figured out a simple, elegant solution.

Golden: the city of very cool businesses doing very cool things.