June 24, 2019

Entire Golden Community Honored for Backpack Program

Last week I had the exciting privilege of accepting a District Rotary Club award on behalf of the entire Golden community for our exceptional Backpack Program.  The Backpack Program tackles head on a rarely discussed but critical problem: if kids are hungry or undernourished, they aren’t likely to perform as well in school.  My view on this is pretty simple: every kid ought to have a fair shake at success in school and in life.  What they do with that opportunity is up to them, but as a community we should work to make sure they all have a fair shot.  It turns out that hundreds of kids in Golden area schools live in homes with low enough incomes that they aren’t able to get enough – or nutritious enough – food.  Enter Peggy Halderman and many of her Golden Rotary colleagues, who catalyzed the program now providing 250 Golden area kids with supplemental food.  Peggy received a Mayor’s Award for Excellence last December for her incredible work building the Backpack Program and organizing such a broad community response, which now includes support from dozens of volunteers, the Golden Family of Churches Health Ministry, and others.

At our City Council meeting on Thursday night, we’ll take a few minutes to formally recognize this new award and for City Council to formally accept it.