July 16, 2019

City Considers New Bronze Statue: Bike Racer Levi Leipheimer

A new bronze statue is apparently in the works for Golden, part of the preparation for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge scheduled to return this August. As I understand it, the city’s contract with the bike race includes a commitment to commission and install a piece of art related to the race. The city’s plan: install a statue of Levi Leipheimer, the winner of last year’s race.

Personally, I’m not that excited about another bronze statue in Golden … we’ve got quite a few already … but I’m even less enthused about a statue of someone with no relationship to Golden at all except that he spent a few hours here during a bike race last year.

But the bigger issue, I think, is whether the public gets any input into the city’s decisions about public art. As it stands now, the community itself has virtually no input on our public art program, not on how the program works, what type of art we install on public property, where this art is installed, how much more art we want, or anything else.

Whatever you think about the proposed Levi Leipheimer statue or about the bigger issue of public input on Golden’s public art program, if you’ve got an opinion you might let City Council know:


(Photo from Wikipedia).

The June 7 City Council Meeting Agenda and Other Upcoming Events

June 1, First Friday Street Fair
It’s summertime in Golden … from 5 – 10pm in historic downtown Golden you’ll find inexpensive food, beer, music, kid-friendly entertainment, horse-drawn carriage rides, and more.

June 2, Coffee With a Councilor
You’ll find City Councilors from District 1 (South Golden), including Saoirse Charis-Graves and other members of the City Council at Read, Write and Brew starting at 9 a.m. It’s a great informal opportunity to chat with your City Council representatives about issues on the City Council agenda or whatever else is on your mind.

June 7, City Council Business Meeting
City Hall at 7 p.m. The agenda tentatively includes Economic Development Commission and Community Marketing Fund Stakeholder Committee appointments, design of the city’s new official flag, and potential changes to the rules on special permits for animals. You can view the agenda about a week before the meeting and watch the live screencast on the city’s website.

June 14, City Council Business Meeting
City Hall at 7 p.m.

June 22, Golden Schools Foundation First Annual Golf Tournament
This fundraiser for Golden Schools Foundation is up at Fossil Trace with breakfast and registration starting at 6:30am and the shotgun start at 7:30am.

Through June 29, U.S. 6 Closure
U.S. 6 through Clear Creek Canyon is closed now every Sunday night through Friday morning for a fiber optic cable installation and work on rockfall issues. The project is scheduled to run through June 29.

Radio Golden #6 – May 18, 2012: bronze statues, off-leash dogs, State Senator Cheri Jahn, and more

Episode 6 of Radio Golden is online! Some of the ground we cover:

  • a proposed new bronze statue in Golden of bike racer Levi Leipheimer
  • the policy on and fines for off-leash dogs
  • high-speed police chases
  • special guest State Senator Cheri Jahn on the 2012 legislative session
  • and more …

Radio Golden #5: the beltway, Golden’s charter schools, tobacco, & more!

Episode 5 of Radio Golden is in the wild … I wasn’t able to join this time, but Pamela and Matt covered the beltway bill, what’s happening at the community garden, the tobacco regulation measure that City Council just passed, and more. They also had an interesting and provocative conversation with Jami Boarman, the principle of one of Golden’s public charter schools.

Radio Golden Episode #4: The “My Eminent Domain is Bigger Than Yours” edition, special guest Nathan Richie of the Golden History Museums, youth access to tobacco products, and more.

We published Episode #4 about a week ago. We had a great time, focusing mostly on the latest shenanigans and on a terrific interview with Golden History Museums director Nathan Richie.

We also experimented in this episode with a different format. In response to a listener suggestion (thanks Eric!), instead of a shorter episode with a separate extended interview, we recorded everything in a single podcast. The show is longer (about 50 minutes) but we didn’t break up our conversation with our guest. Let us know what you think!

On episode #4 you’ll hear:

  • 02:03 – Jeffco’s beltway shenanigans at the State Legislature
  • 14:21 – GURA’s new parking lot
  • 18:12 – Windy Saddle’s request for a liquor license for their outdoor seating
  • 22:35 – A conversation with Nathan Richie, the director of the Golden History Museums
  • 40:45 – Getting Involved
  • 44:00 – The Mailbox
  • 44:37 – Community Chatter

And here are some links related to some of the issues we brought up during podcast:

New Openings on Golden’s Economic Development Commission and Marketing Stakeholder Commission

There are two new opportunities to get involved in local government here in Golden. The first is an opening on the Economic Development Commission, which focuses on retaining and attracting primary jobs in Golden. The application deadline is 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 10.

The Golden City Council is also accepting applications for the Marketing Stakeholder Commission. Their focus is managing the city’s community marketing program. Applications are due by 5 p.m. on May 10.

The Bell Middle School iSTEM Open House and Other Upcoming Events

An open house for Bell Middle School's new STEM program is this week.

May 1, Bell Middle School Open House (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math Program)
The open house – focused on this very exciting new iSTEM program at Bell Middle School – starts at Bell at 6:30 p.m. It’s especially geared for students starting 7th grade next year, but it’s open to student, parent, or community member that might want to get involved.

May 3, City Council Study Session
City Hall at 7 p.m. The agenda includes the Planning Commission annual work plan and the city’s long-term financial and budget policies. You can view the agenda and watch the live screencast on the city’s website.

May 5, Coffee With a Councilor
You’ll find City Councilors from District 1 (South Golden), including Saoirse Charis-Graves and other members of the City Council at Read, Write and Brew starting at 9 a.m. It’s a great informal opportunity to chat with your City Council representatives about issues on the City Council agenda or whatever else is on your mind.

May 5-6, Golden Community Pride Days
Community Pride Days runs from 8am-3:30pm both days this weekend up at the City Shops just off of Golden Gate Canyon Road.

The city will accept, free of charge from Golden residents, rubbish, construction materials, scrap metal, up to four tires per household, old electronics (computers, televisions, monitors, cell phones, etc.), untreated lumber and tree limbs, and more. You can’t drop off hazardous materials or appliances, but you can make other arrangements for both. For a complete list and all the details, visit the Community Pride Days web page.

May 10, City Council Business Meeting
City Hall at 7 p.m. The agenda tentatively includes adopting updated long-term budget and debt management policies, an awards presentation by the American Public Works Association, and a replat request at 2200 Jackson Street (the new senior housing development).

May 17, City Council Business Meeting and Study Session
City Hall at 7 p.m. The agenda tentatively includes an introduction of a delegation from Kosovo, the awarding of i-Neighborhood matching grants, an update from the Sustainability Advisory Board, the presentation of the Renewable Energy Technical Advisory Committee, interviews for the Economic Development Commission and Community Marketing Stakeholder Committee, and a discussion of the fines for dog off-leash violations.

Golden’s 2012 Sustainability Awards

Every year the Sustainability Advisory Board presents Sustainability Awards to Golden residents and organizations. The three recipients this year are all extremely worthy.

From Mayor Sloan’s newsletter:

Three 2012 Sustainability awardees were recognized at the [City Council] meeting. Compass Montessori School (through teacher Erik Albright) was singled out for its environmental education program that fosters students interest and efforts in recycling, food production, farm animals, wildland restoration, and energy conservation. Barbara Rogers, a resident of Golden Ridge Condominiums, was given an award to celebrate her active organization of single-stream recycling for more than 370 condominiums. And Don Cameron, local resident and high school chemistry and physics teacher, was lauded for his long-term sustainability efforts. In particular, Don and his wife Carol have converted space on their lot in the East Street District into a neighborhood garden, allowing several neighbors to use nine plots in this space.

Jeffco’s Toll Highway Bill: DOA

This is the sort of thing I suspect Jeffco would like to build through Golden. Photo by Flickr user Hytok.

Breaking news in the beltway department: State Senator Betty Boyd and State Representative Vaad decided not to introduce their beltway bill. The bill, which was crafted and pushed by the Jefferson County Commissioners, would have created a super-powerful but unaccountable highway authority that could condemn any land it wanted in Golden in order to build their proposed toll superhighway. This was a wildly inappropriate piece of legislation written by some county commissioners who claim ideological integrity except when it’s inconvenient. It’s all the more ironic because the Jeffco commissioners claim to be such proponents of property rights and local control, yet here they were crafting and aggressively pushing a bill that was a blatant attack on both.

From my perspective, it’s unfortunate that we weren’t able to reach an agreement back in December with Jeffco, Arvada, and Broomfield (after months of intense negotiations). We came close, but they ultimately insisted on language that would have undermined Golden’s ability to protect itself from highway projects being forced on us. For me, and for the City Council at the time, that was a line we simply would not cross.

I’m very glad that Mayor Sloan, the City Council, and the City of Golden staff worked as hard as they did to kill this bill. A reasonable solution that respect’s everyone’s needs is one thing; a situation where some communities can force something on another community is something else. I continue to support an agreement that truly protects Golden, and I hope City Council continues to support this two-pronged strategy: work hard for a reasonable agreement, but fight hard against anything – like this bill – that places an unreasonable burden or risk on our community.

Councilor Fisher published a good newsletter post on this issue as well; it’s worth a read.

“Ethics in Business” Luncheon, City Council Agenda, and Other Upcoming Events

April 12, Ethics in Business Luncheon
It’s at the Denver Marriott West from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. You’ll find more info about the event on the Rotary Club of Golden website.

April 12, City Council Business Meeting
City Hall at 7 p.m. The agenda includes awarding the utilities replacement bid, several proclamations, interviews for appointments to the Golden Urban Renewal Authority board, a couple of ordinances dealing with sidewalk seating and liquor licenses, first reading on an ordinance that would require licenses for retailers selling non-cigarette tobacco products, landscaping requirements for commercial and multifamily properties, and awarding this round of i-Neighborhood Matching Grants. Download the agenda and the entire City Council packet.

April 13, “The Two of Us” opens at Miners Alley
The new Miners Alley play runs through May 20.

April 14, Coffee With a Councilor
You’ll find City Councilors from District 1 (South Golden), including Saoirse Charis-Graves and maybe others as well at Read, Write and Brew starting at 9 a.m. It’s a great informal opportunity to chat with your City Council representatives about the pedestrian bridge over U.S. 6, the South Neighborhoods Plan, or whatever else is on your mind.

April 18, One Book One Golden Event
One Book One Golden: An event with Craig Barnes, the author of “Growing Up True.” 7 p.m. at Foss Auditorium (American Mountaineering Center).

April 21, Golden Town Hall Meeting
This town hall meeting (every third Saturday) is hosted by Golden’s state legislators. It runs from 10-11:30 a.m. at Golden City Hall.

May 5-6, Golden Golden Community Pride Days
The city provides a free opportunity for community members to dispose of rubbish, construction materials, scrap metal, tires, electronics, untreated lumber, and brush and tree limbs. The Informer includes a coupon good for one curbside appliance pickup. For hazardous materials you’ll need to make arrangements with the Rooney Road Recycling Center. For details, check out the Golden Community Pride Days website.