September 17, 2019

Golden’s Water: Free and Clear of Chromium

The Denver Post reprinted a Washington Post article over the weekend about problems associated with hexavalent chromium in drinking water. Public Works Deputy Director Anne Beierle gave the following update:

In short, the story reports on research that analyzed drinking water from 35 communities that have relatively high total chromium values to see if they also have high hexavalent chromium (hexavalent chromium is the “bad” component of total chromium).  The answer, in short, was yes. I wanted you to be aware of this press coverage because the lab has already received inquiries about Golden’s chromium concentrations from residents who read about the study over the weekend.  Good news for Golden: we regularly test for total chromium and have never detected it.

If you have any questions, just give our water lab a call (303-384-8181) or shoot them an email (