August 20, 2019

CINQ Goes on the Air

CINQ’s Rob Medina goes on the air this Friday, March 24 at 8:00am – AM 760 – to talk about the Billion Dollar Boondoggle with Jay Marvin. CINQ’s email alert says:

“This radio show is just the latest effort by CINQ to educate the public about this boondoggle. CINQ continues to meet with many civic organizations throughout Denver to broaden awareness of this issue, and the tide is turning against bad transportation policy in the Northwest Quadrant.”

I encourage everyone to listen in if you are anywhere near a radio. Even better, if you can, call in to the studio during the show and express your opposition to the superhighway and your support for Rob and CINQ. To learn more about CINQ (Citizens Involved in the Northwest Quadrant) and their campaign visit their web site. I also encourage you to consider making a financial contribution to their efforts, which you can also do from their web site.