January 23, 2020

City Considers New Bronze Statue: Bike Racer Levi Leipheimer

A new bronze statue is apparently in the works for Golden, part of the preparation for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge scheduled to return this August. As I understand it, the city’s contract with the bike race includes a commitment to commission and install a piece of art related to the race. The city’s plan: install a statue of Levi Leipheimer, the winner of last year’s race.

Personally, I’m not that excited about another bronze statue in Golden … we’ve got quite a few already … but I’m even less enthused about a statue of someone with no relationship to Golden at all except that he spent a few hours here during a bike race last year.

But the bigger issue, I think, is whether the public gets any input into the city’s decisions about public art. As it stands now, the community itself has virtually no input on our public art program, not on how the program works, what type of art we install on public property, where this art is installed, how much more art we want, or anything else.

Whatever you think about the proposed Levi Leipheimer statue or about the bigger issue of public input on Golden’s public art program, if you’ve got an opinion you might let City Council know:


(Photo from Wikipedia).


  1. Kathleen Seidel says:

    I think that we, the citizens of Golden, should have input into the public art that we use in our city. We do have lots of bronze statues and one more would be just that, one more. It would be nice to do something different and if it’s felt that we should honor the bike race, I think it would be better to be more generic and have more to do with the daily bikers that use our city for recreation. These are the people that honor us on a regular basis by visiting our city on a regular basis, patronizing our businesses and making us a bicycling destination in general.

  2. Jim Dale says:

    I say, let your Council person know what you think or go speak at the public comment portion of the Council meeting. I figure we elect folks to make decisions for us. I think a biker statue is just as appropriate as a Kayaker, etc so…it is fine with me.

  3. Ed McIlvain says:

    I agree with Jacob re: the statue of Levi. Nothing Against Levi, I just don’t think that he warrants a statue in our town. I have no problem with cycling in general depicted in pubic art in Golden, I think it’s an important aspect to our lifestyle, but I don’t think Levi should be the subject. Golden was just another stage for him.

  4. Hans Ecke says:

    I appreciate that the city attempts to increase our outdoor appeal by installing public artworks. On the other hand, we seem to have a problem getting out of our comfort zone with the style and subject matter. And since we all see those exhibits daily it sure would be nice if the community were more involved.

    I know we have a lot of people interested in the arts here. How about a “bike sculpture art contest”? Entries from individuals to High School classes, a public exhibit and public voting for the winner. It would foster home town pride, interest in the arts and would make the winner a true community choice.