December 8, 2019

Elections 2008: Candidate Elections

There are plenty of important local and state races, not to mention the obvious presidential election. If you are interested in who I’m supporting in some of these races, here is the list. Click on “read more” if you are interested in knowing more about these races and candidates.

  • Ed Perlmutter for U.S. House of Representatives
  • Gwyn Green for Colorado House
  • Monisha Merchant for CU Board of Regents and Jane Goff for State Board of Education
  • Barack Obama for President
  • Mark Udall for U.S. Senate
  • Jason Bane and Sue Windells for Jefferson County Commission

Ed Perlmutter for U.S. House of Representatives

I energetically support Congressman Ed Perlmutter in his reelection campaign. He knows our Congressional District as well as anyone (and better than most), he has established himself as a leader on renewable energy and national security issues, and he is one of the hardest-working people I have ever met.

Gwyn Green for Colorado House

Gwyn has been a strong advocate for Golden and the rest of House District 23, standing up for us on transportation issues like the Billion Dollar Boondoggle and pushing hard on improving education, improving access to health care, and increasing renewable energy opportunities.

Monisha Merchant for CU Board of Regents and Jane Goff for State Board of Education

The CU Board of Regents and the State Board of Education are both organized along Congressional District lines, so we’ll get to vote for the 7th Congressional District Representative for each. I am supporting Jane Goff for the State Board of Education. She was appointed to the seat after her predecessor, Karen Middleton, was appointed to fill a vacancy in the State House and has performed ably. She has nearly three decades worth of teaching experience in the Jefferson County School District and has been active in the community across Jefferson County.

I am also supporting Monisha Merchant for the CU Regents. Monisha is a Colorado native and a graduate of the Jefferson County public school system, and brings a strong private sector and engineering perspective to the role. I particularly appreciate her commitment to outreach in our middle and high schools to ensure that our students can get into the University of Colorado system and excel once they are there.

The Aurora Sentinel has thoughtful endorsements of both Monisha Merchant and Jane Goff.

Barack Obama for President

While I don’t believe that either candidate deserves half of the mud slung their way, I do believe Barack Obama has the experience and vision to lead us out of the enormous financial, foreign policy, and environmental challenges we now face. At its most fundamental, the Presidential election feels to me like a choice between a candidate looking backward, expecting the politics and strategies of the 20th century to make sense in the 21st, and the other looking forward, understanding the challenges the new century poses. In addition, I believe Senator Biden’s experience on foreign policy and other issues make him a far better vice-presidential choice.

Mark Udall for U.S. Senate

Colorado is also a national battleground state because of the high-profile race to replace Wayne Allard in the U.S. Senate. I share Mark Udall’s strong commitment to a national energy policy that highlights renewable energy as well as his lifelong commitment to conservation and sound stewardship of our natural resources.

Jason Bane and Sue Windells for Jefferson County Commission

I wrote about my support for Jason and Sue in an earlier newsletter. While I think both of their opponents have strengths, I believe Jason and Sue will best represent Golden’s interests at the Jefferson County Commission.