April 28, 2017

Golden’s 2012 Sustainability Awards

Every year the Sustainability Advisory Board presents Sustainability Awards to Golden residents and organizations. The three recipients this year are all extremely worthy.

From Mayor Sloan’s newsletter:

Three 2012 Sustainability awardees were recognized at the [City Council] meeting. Compass Montessori School (through teacher Erik Albright) was singled out for its environmental education program that fosters students interest and efforts in recycling, food production, farm animals, wildland restoration, and energy conservation. Barbara Rogers, a resident of Golden Ridge Condominiums, was given an award to celebrate her active organization of single-stream recycling for more than 370 condominiums. And Don Cameron, local resident and high school chemistry and physics teacher, was lauded for his long-term sustainability efforts. In particular, Don and his wife Carol have converted space on their lot in the East Street District into a neighborhood garden, allowing several neighbors to use nine plots in this space.

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