June 24, 2019

Golden's Backpack Program: Helping Kids in Need

One of the great joys of living in Golden is the remarkable way in which, at every turn, you stumble on yet another individual, or another group, doing something amazing to improve their neighborhood or our entire community.  The Backpack Program is one of many, many examples.  Peggy Halderman discovered – much to her dismay – that there as many as 500 kids in Golden area schools that qualify for supplemental food on the weekends during the school year.  She did something about it.  Modeling her effort after Backpack Program efforts all over the country, Peggy and the Golden Rotary Club worked with Bell Middle School and the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center to launch a pilot last fall and served an average of 45 kids in need every week this school year.  At the end of every week, the program provides qualified kids – those who are likely experiencing persistent hunger issues at home, often because of very limited family incomes – with sacks of food to help keep the kids healthy and well-fed through the weekend.  Peggy and her partners are now collaborating with the Golden Family of Churches Health Ministry to expand the program to help hungry kids at Pleasant View and Welchester Elementary Schools.  Kudos to Peggy, the Rotary Club, and everyone else working on this very worthwhile project.