January 23, 2020

Great Golden Business Tour: CoorsTek

Several weeks ago we had a great tour of the CoorsTek manufacturing plant that sits between Washington Avenue and Ford just south of Highway 58. It’s a remarkable facility. For one thing, it’s just huge. You know it’s large from the outside (it does take up quite a few blocks, after all), but I didn’t appreciate just how large until we toured the inside. It’s basically a ceramics process: clay and other raw materials are shipped in, mixed, formed, fired, and finished. Their product range is pretty broad, ranging from medical to power plant components to semiconductor elements to labware to body and vehicle armor (although some products are manufactured at other sites, including one within the Coors campus and another at our Coors Technology Business Park). CoorsTek was a deviation from the smaller entrepreneurial businesses we usually visit, since they are a sizable and very established company, but they are a major employer in the Golden area and obviously have a big footprint on the edge of downtown, so it was very worth the visit.

This hopper is as large as it looks. Although you can't see it, all of this eventually funnels down into a large metal container that is then moved to the next portion of the process.

Ceramics loaded up for firing.

One of the types of kilns they operate. The metal container full of ceramics pieces slides under the kiln, which then lowers over it.

A different type of kiln. The carts slowly wheel through the long tunnel.

Another shot of the same type of tunnel-like kiln.


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