September 17, 2019

The Indian Gulch Fire: Protecting Golden’s Water

Golden’s streets crew are the folks that do such a good job of keeping our streets free of snow, keeping them clean, and doing the maintaining and repairing in town. It turns out they also know to protect Golden’s water after a fire. In addition to the many City of Golden firefighters and other city crews focused on the fire itself last week, we also had crews focused on the fire’s longer-term threats to Golden. One critical concern is protecting our water supply, and even during the fire last week we had some of our public works focused on that. Among the strategies: construction of a water quality settling pond in the Indian Creek basin to trap sediment before it gets into Clear Creek.


  1. Judy Wilkinson says:

    We have such a professional and devoted City! We are so fortunate to have had such a great response from all involved in fighting this fire, keeping our water safe, and now we’ve even got a pedestrian bridge and circulator bus! We are so blessed! Thank you, Jacob, for keeping us informed during the fire. It was kinda scary, and your up-to-date communication made it so much more manageable!

    Thank you all!!!


  1. […] Kudos As you all know, our firefighters did a fantastic job all the way through the fire and even afterward (we sent a crew down to Douglas County to help them with their own fire). I also want to call out the many other City of Golden staff that stepped up. Our water department focused on keeping the water pressure up, Parks & Recreation de-winterized the Splash in a matter of hours so that we could provide firefighters with hot showers and a place to stage, our police department worked hard to make sure our firefighters had the room and access they needed, the communications team was in overdrive, and so on. And the work continues even now, such as the work our streets crew is doing to protect our water supply. […]