December 8, 2019

Jacob's Golden Update: Critical Beltway Vote on January 20

Jacob’s Golden Update: January 12, 2010

1. New City Council to be Sworn in on Thursday
2. Critical Beltway Vote on January 20
3. Mayor’s Awards for Excellence: 2009
4. Golden Community Bus Feasibility Study
5. Senator Keller Announces Town Hall Meeting Schedule
6. Permit Parking Near Golden High School and Colorado School of Mines
7. New Beverly Heights Email List
8. Smith for Golden Blog Roundup
9. Other Upcoming Events
10. Next City Council Meeting: Thursday, January 14


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1. New City Council to be Sworn in on Thursday

Please consider joining us on Thursday night as we kick off the first City Council meeting of 2010 and inaugurate our two newest members of the Golden City Council, Marcia Claxton and Bob Vermeulen.  Councilors Joe Behm and Bill Fisher will also be sworn in to begin their second terms on the Golden City Council.  The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall (City Council Chambers), 911 10th St.

2. Critical Beltway Vote on January 20

Next Wednesday, January 20, the Denver Regional Council of Governments will decide whether or not to add the proposed “Jefferson Parkway” to the official regional transportation plan.  Regardless of what one thinks about the idea of beltway, this particular project makes no sense at all.  The proposal is to build a new toll road between Highway 93 and Highway 128, so it doesn’t actually connect to either the Northwest Parkway or to C-470.  Even worse, it would dramatically increase congestion and safety problems on Highway 93, creating huge impacts to Golden and to everyone else that drives Highway 93.  If you think Highway 93 is congested or dangerous now, it will get much, much worse if the Jefferson Parkway is built.

I would support a plan for improving the road network in the northwest part of Denver Metro, but only if it fixes problems rather than creates them and only if it protects Golden’s residents and neighborhoods.  This current plan fails on both counts.  You should know that the Golden City Council has been resolute in opposing this plan while also expressing a clear willingness to work with our neighbors to develop a plan that meets everyone’s needs.  Just this fall, in fact, Golden launched a collaboration with Boulder County, Superior, and Boulder to make critical improvements to U.S. 6 and Highway 93 from C-470 all the way up to Boulder.  These improvements would protect our community, improve traffic flow, improve traffic safety, and provide good bus and bicycle alternatives.  We are committed to advancing this plan, known as the Highway 93/6 Corridor Plan.

You can help in next week’s critical vote.  Please call all of your friends in other Denver Metro communities and ask them to call their DRCOG board representative (every city, town, and county in the Denver Metro region has one).  DRCOG board members need to hear from their own constituents to vote against the Jefferson Parkway proposal on January 20.  You can look at this list of DRCOG board members to find out who represents each jurisdiction and how to reach them.

You can also call Golden resident Matt Burde, who is organizing some other efforts.  You can reach him at 720-381-2420 or, and CINQ is very involved as well (email to plug in there).  Winning this vote on the 20th is probably a long shot, but it’s important to try.  Thanks in advance to everyone who is able to help.

3. Mayor’s Awards for Excellence Winners

One of Golden’s great strengths and distinctive qualities is the remarkable extent to which community members contribute to improving our neighborhoods and our town.  I especially wanted to call out community members whose extraordinary contributions might not otherwise receive the recognition they deserve.  At our last City Council meeting of 2009 we formally presented the awards to their very worth recipients for their contributions as educators, entrepreneurs, and for their community service contributions.  Here is the list of 2009 Awards for Excellence recipients:

Award for Excellence: Community Service

  • Gretchen Guerra (Golden Gallup)
  • Peggy Halderman (Backpack Program)
  • Alex Thomas (Golden High School)
  • Tom Young (Golden Fire Department)

Award for Excellence: Education

  • Jan Bryson (Golden High School)
  • Sue Middleton (Mitchell Elementary School)
  • Stephen Nye (Shelton Elementary School)

Award for Excellence: Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Dale Hill, ProTerra
  • Gilbert Brassell and Terry Wickland, Nuclear Filter Technology

You’ll find more info about each of the award recipients on my blog (Awards for Excellence: Entrepreneur of the Year, Awards for Excellence: Education, and Awards for Excellence: Community Service).

4. Golden Community Bus Feasibility Study

Among our agenda items for Thursday night’s City Council meeting is a formal presentation on the new feasibility study for a new Golden community bus.  The main impetus is the anticipated arrival of light rail in Golden in 2013.  At a minimum we want to make sure folks can easily get between downtown Golden and the light rail station at the Taj Mahal.  Ideally we’ll be able to run the bus through many of Golden’s neighborhoods as well, although it may require that we add coverage through several phases.  If you are interested in the idea of a new community bus in Golden, I encourage you to review the report and send me any comments or thoughts you might have (

As I wrote in a previous newsletter, we are seriously considering two basic options, both of which cycle from the light rail station at the Jefferson County Building to downtown Golden to Golden High School and back to the light rail station.  Both options would use the portion of Illinois that is now closed to vehicular traffic (but we would only open Illinois to these small community buses).  One option includes South Golden Road down to the King Soopers and up past Bell Middle School while the other, less expensive option runs back up Illinois (and is thus quite a bit shorter).  The longer option is about three times as expensive to operate as the shorter one and requires three times as many buses, but it obviously provides service to more of the community.  Although my hope is that we can extend the bus system to provide service to a number of other neighborhoods on the north, south, and west sides of town, the cost of doing so is prohibitive in the beginning, so it probably makes sense to make sure we can make a more modest bus system work first and then look at expanding over time.

5. Senator Keller Announces Town Hall Meeting Schedule

Golden’s State Senator, Moe Keller, regularly hosts town hall meetings at the Golden City Hall.  She’s got them scheduled on the third Saturday of each month during the legislative session (January through May).  It’s a great opportunity to find out what’s going on at the state legislature, to get your questions answered, and to share with her your concerns and opinions.

The schedule:

  • January 16
  • February 20
  • March 20
  • April 17
  • May 15

All of Senator Keller’s town hall meetings run from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Golden City Council Chambers (911 10th St.).

6. Permit Parking Near Golden High School and Colorado School of Mines

Late last year City Council decided to extend the existing permit parking near Golden High School to include the portion of Illinois Street south of Homestake Drive.  Despite ongoing efforts by both the school and city staff, we were unable to resolve the problems with students parking there.  This week’s agenda includes final action on that decision.  City Council is also moving forward with a plan to create permit parking in the neighborhoods adjacent to the Colorado School of Mines campus.  City Council at the end of last year directed staff to prepare a detailed permit parking plan, which we expect to review later within the next couple of months.

7. New Beverly Heights Email List

Councilor Marjorie Sloan is starting a new email list for residents of the Beverly Heights neighborhood about events like wildlife sightings, neighborhood happenings, lost pets, and lost and found garbage can lids.  If you are interested in joining the list, send an email to Councilor Sloan (

8. Smith for Golden Blog Roundup

9. Other Upcoming Events

  • Senator Moe Keller’s Town Hall Meeting, January 16, Golden City Council Chambers (911 10th St.),  10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  • Chamber of Commerce Annual Luncheon, Thursday January 21, 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This event, at the Rolling Hills Country Club, is a great kickoff for the new year.  You’ll find more info on the Chamber of Commerce web site.
  • First Friday, February 5, Historic Downtown Golden, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. A bunch of our downtown shops, stores, and restaurants are open late on First Friday, so it’s a great chance to shop, dine, and be entertained.  You’ll find treats, specials, and free horse drawn carriage rides (weather permitting).
  • Scrambowl for Lights, February 8. This is a great fundraiser at the Golden Family Bowling Center (525 24th St.) sponsored by the South Golden Business Group to cover the costs of putting up holiday lights along South Golden Road.  You can get more info at the Chamber web site or by giving them a call (303-279-3113).

10. Next City Council Meeting: Thursday, January 14.

Our next city council meeting is a regular business meeting on January 14 (this Thursday).  At the top of the agenda: swearing in our two newest City Councilors (Marcia Claxton and Bob Vermeulen) and two returning City Councilors (Joe Behm and Bill Fisher).  You can download the agenda and the full City Council Meeting Packet as well as review minutes and videos of previous City Council meetings on the city’s web site.  This next meeting’s agenda also includes the following issues:

  • Appointing Councilor Bill Fisher as Golden’s representative on the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council.
  • Awarding a contract for the Clear Creek Master Plan process.
  • Finalizing a plan to slightly extend the current permit parking zone around Golden High School.
  • A presentation of the new Golden community transit study.
  • A review of progress and status on the 6th Avenue bike/pedestrian trail.
  • An orientation for the two new City Council members and discussion of City Council process and protocol.
  • An executive session before the main meeting starts to evaluate the City Manager’s job performance in 2009.
  • An executive session after the meeting on ongoing negotiations regarding the city’s fire protection contract with Miller Coors.


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