February 17, 2020

Jefferson County Education Funding on the November Ballot

The ballot in November will include a new education funding measure for Jefferson County schools, including a modest property tax increase and bonding. The estimates I’ve seen project an increase in property taxes of $1.23 per month per $100,000 of home market value.

In the face of the recession and the ongoing state budget disaster, Jeffco Schools have been really aggressive in cutting costs while trying to hold the line on the quality of the classroom education. But in doing so they’ve run through their reserves and I don’t think they have much else to cut without doing real long-term damage.

Jeffco Schools have also been more open than many school districts to experimenting with new approaches to teacher evaluation and compensation.

I’m pretty sure the school funding system is broken – schools rely largely on a state funding and property tax system that basically requires they go back to the voters on a regular basis for tax increases – and I’m hopeful that within a few years the state will tackle the larger dysfunction in the way we fund schools. In the meantime, though, Golden’s quality of life and property values, not to mention the prospects of our children, depend a lot on how strong our public schools are. I support this funding measure and hope the voters give Jeffco Schools a much-needed revenue stream.

You can get more info at the Citizens for Jeffco Schools website. Also, stayed tuned to Radio Golden; I’m guessing we’ll have a guest on this topic sometime before the elections.

And, by the way, huge congrats to Jeffco Schools for achieving the third best graduation rate in the country among the 50 largest school districts.


  1. Shawna Fritzler says:

    It is so wonderful to read this! You have very clearly educated yourself on the facts very well. As a mom of a 7-year-old and volunteer for Jeffco Schools, I very much appreciate your support for 3A and 3B. $45 million dollars is the proposed cut for 2013/2014, following $78 million in cuts since 2009. 3A and 3B are modest and merely help our schools to maintain what we have.

    Just one correction though – Ed News actually reported that instead of Jeffco Schools being ranked 3rd, we’re actually tied for 2nd in the country among the 50 largest school districts! I Support Jeffco Schools and thank you for relaying the information to Golden!