September 17, 2019

Jefferson Tollway Update

Councilor Bob Vermeulen posted an update to his email list. I’ll just repost it here. We’ll have more information next week.


As you all know by now, the past number of months Golden, Jefferson County, Arvada, Broomfield and CDOT have attempted to negotiate the terms of an agreement to address future traffic impacts on state highways within the City of Golden, in the context of the Jefferson Tollway. The parties strived to reach agreement on specific terms but were unable to do so. While unsuccessful in the short term, the Parties have outlined a roadmap that may be useful in the future.

We have some very real time lines that we are bumping up against with the transfer of the right of way along Indiana looming in January. Council will need to decide how best to protect the city very quickly. As always, as soon as I can share any information I will get it out.

One idea that came out of the process the past 12 months is that we may need to update our vision for transportation in and through Golden. I believe we will explore updating the “Golden Plan” over the next year and set strong priorities for the traffic mitigations and how we want future improvements to look for the near and long term.

This process hasn’t been easy and we know that we alarmed many in the community with our announcement of a possible agreement. It is always our priority to get the information out as soon as possible and that will mean at times we may need to backtrack or have nothing to present. I would rather we have these occasional stumbles than withhold information at any time.

That is all for right now, more information will come out over the next week and months to come. I am proud of our mayor and city manager for they have fought and protected Golden in the most honorable manner and they never forgot our core principles as a community.

Enjoy your time with loved ones over the Holidays and I look forward to serving the community in 2012.



  1. Kreager Powers says:

    I am for an agreement that meets all of Golden Citizens, however a four lane highway next to Village of Mountain Ridge Subdivision without an appealing layout is out of the question. Why would I support any high speed highway that will lower the value of our properties and ruin our small town atmosphere. Our Ward Councilor should oppose this as well. We, Village of Mountain Ridge, appear not represented well.

    I also do not like the Non-Compete clause that we are to agree to. I could care less if the company that will run the Toll Road is successful or not, but I don’t agree to make Golden Citizens mobility more difficult just because we won’t use the Toll Road.

    • jacob says:

      Thanks for the comments, Kreager. The plan to widen 93 to four lanes within the city is Golden’s own plan, which the community came up with in a major community process about a decade ago. I am encouraging the new City Council to update that plan in a new community process in 2012, which would give you a chance to weigh in on what that vision should be.

      I agree about non-compete clauses, which is why the agreement we were negotiating prohibited them on the state highways north of Golden.

  2. Leonard Karr says:

    I believe that Golden should hang tough and hold out for a much better deal that what has been offered so far.

  3. jacob says:

    Thanks for posting a note, Leonard. Golden and the other communities didn’t reach an agreement because we couldn’t agree on language we felt was strong enough to adequately protect Golden.