January 29, 2020

Mayor Sloan’s Comments on the Aurora Shooting

Mayor Sloan published a thoughtful piece on her blog and newsletter yesterday; I thought I would just post it in full here:

Last night, as council’s study session was ending, many local homes had at least one family member excitedly preparing for the premiere showing in Aurora of “The Dark Knight,” the new Batman movie. Another metro resident was completing his hateful plan to take the lives of those innocent theatergoers. Shortly after midnight, he shot into the unsuspecting audience, killing at least 12 of them and wounding 50 more.

It’s unimaginable yet it happened. We will all learn more facts in the days to come and there will be much analysis. But the shock and deep sadness we feel today will not change. Our hearts go out to the injured victims, the bereaved family members, the traumatized Aurora community. Residents of the entire region, including Golden, will carry this terrible memory with us. Golden is also willing to do whatever we can to stand by our neighbors. Under our police department’s established protocol for mutual aid, Golden Police Officer Bob Wilson and his bomb dog responded to a call for assistance this morning.