December 8, 2019

Mobile Race-Day Volunteers Needed!

Here’s a special opportunity to volunteer during the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Golden: cruising around on your bike, with your bike trailer, helping to sell the t-shirts, hats, and cowbells that are helping to fund Golden’s expenses tied to the race. From Golden’s race committee:

Wherever crowds are gathered, you’ll be there.

To make it extra fun, you can give stuff away!!!  You make the rules!!  Race trivia, wacky stunts, scavenger hunts…  Entertain the crowd!!  If you are really outgoing we might be able to scrounge up a bullhorn or two to play with!  Bring props and make it fun!

It is going to look really cool for Golden to have pedaling t-shirt sales everywhere!  Not only does it tie-in with our efforts to promote a green event, we are going to look kick-ass on TV when they show one of our rigs!!  (NBC Baby!)  No one I know of has seen this before, so it could be big.

Here is what we need:
You need to enjoy being the center of attention and enjoy pulling a bicycle trailer loaded up with stuff. We want this to be crazy!! Wear a costume!

Before you get too excited, thinking “hey, I could do this!” Ask yourself if you are able to make change for a $5. Can you count to ten? Correctly? If so – You Qualify!!

Some details: 

  • Contact: Julie Morales to volunteer (or me for questions).
  • Date is Sunday, August 28.
  • Time is 7:30-ish until 3pm-ish (firm this up later, fit your schedule/plans!)
  • We need kid trailers (with hitches) that we can borrow!!  (I will donate my double-wide.) We can cover damages.
  • We need a rider wrangler to help do a little advanced planning and coordinate riders on race day.
  • We’ll figure out a way to stash extra merchandise nearby in advance.
  • We’ll want to cover N Golden, downtown, lookout mtn, anywhere there are big crowds near Golden.
  • We (the Golden organizing committee) are in a bit of a jam so we need creative ways to sell a lot of stuff in a short time. This is one.
  • The proceeds from these sales will help pay for all the police, bathrooms, garbage collection, and other stuff that goes into putting on an event like this.
  • You get a really cool volunteer shirt and other schwag!
  • See the race in a really unique way!  (You will likely be ushered off the road by the motorcade!)
  • Help your community in a big way!


Craig Champlin
Outreach Co-chair
(720) 320-6570 :SMS
Golden – Stage 6 Start – 8/28/11