October 20, 2018

Keeping the Beltway Out of Golden: Neighborhood Meetings Start Tonight

As part of the community conversation about how best to keep the beltway out of Golden, we’ve scheduled four neighborhood open houses over the next two weeks. You’ll have a chance to review the history of Golden’s beltway fight, compare the two main options for continuing to keep the beltway out of Golden, get all your questions answered, and weigh in with your thoughts. We’ll also have updated maps and descriptions of Golden’s community-based Muller Plan, our own plan for fixing transportation issues in Golden like noise, pollution, congestion, neighborhood connections, and safety.

  • Southern Neighborhoods: Monday, Jan. 31, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Shelton Elementary
  • Central Neighborhoods: Tuesday, Feb. 1, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Fossil Trace Clubhouse
  • Daytime Open House: Wednesday, Feb. 9, 1-3 p.m. at City Council Chambers
  • Northern Neighborhoods: Wednesday, Feb. 9, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Mitchell Elementary

The two main options we are considering are:

Option #1: Golden can continue to fight the building of the Jefferson Parkway five miles north of Golden but make no progress on fixing existing and future transportation problems on U.S. 6 and Highway 93 in town.


Option #2: Golden can reach an agreement with Jefferson County that allows us to begin implementing Golden’s own Muller Plan for keeping U.S. 6 and Highway 93 safe, slow, and quiet in exchange for not suing to stop the Jefferson Parkway north of town.

We’ve got a web site up (GetTheFactsGolden) with information about both options, and we are regularly responding to community questions about those options and the risks of each. Some of the main concerns we’ve heard so far include:
You’ll find a bunch of other questions and answers on the web site, and please attend one of the neighborhood meetings if you can.

  • If we try to reach an agreement with Jefferson County, can we realistically expect to get funding to start implementing the Golden Plan for safe, slow, and quiet streets? This is a critical question, and I believe an agreement would have to include a good funding mechanism or it for sure wouldn’t make sense.
  • Why aren’t we focused on improving the arterials in Arvada? Our studies show that improving arterials like McIntyre and Indiana would improve congestion in Arvada but wouldn’t have a big impact on Golden. Since we don’t control what Arvada does to this streets, and because we don’t believe it would have a big impact on Golden regardless, we are more focused on the issues that really do impact traffic and quality of life in Golden.
  • Is the Jefferson Parkway inevitable? Some folks feel it is inevitable while others don’t think so. My view: we really don’t know if the proponents will be able to build it or not. We are pretty confident that the proponents will move ahead whether they have an agreement with Golden or not, meaning that they will take their proposal to the market in an effort to find investors. Whether there are investors out there crazy enough to throw a couple of hundred million into a road that is likely to fail is an open question.
  • If Golden sues to stop the Jefferson Parkway, what is the likelihood of winning? We’ve done a very good job of building a very strong legal case over the years, but these are difficult lawsuits. Our best guess is that if we file suit we’ve got a 50/50 chance of prevailing. If we win, the court is likely to identify specific steps that the proponents and agencies need to take, so they could potentially fix the problems with their process and make another run at it.

I hope to see many of you tonight or at one of the other neighborhood meetings this week and next.



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