August 20, 2019

Owens Will Sign Statewide Smoking Bill

After a long and convoluted legislative battle, Governor Owens said on Friday he would sign the smoking ban bill just passed by the state legislature. According to the Denver Post story, the bill bans smoking in public places with exceptions for casinos, small businesses, the smoking lounge at Denver International Airport, smoke shops, family farms, and cigar bars. ColoradoPols cites the Rocky Mountain News story and has some boisterous discussion for good measure (more than 100 comments posted so far).

I’ve been supportive of a smoking ban designed to protect restaurant and bar workers from the effects of secondhand smoke but believed a statewide solution made the most sense. A statewide bill like the one the Governor is planning to sign ensures that the rules are consistent everywhere and that restaurants and bars in different towns will still all have a level playing field. I’m pleased the legislature pulled it off. Hats off to Republican House Minority Leader Mike May and Democratic Senator Dan Grossman for their tenacity and legislative acumen.