January 21, 2020

PMC Hydraulics: A Key Vestas Wind Turbines Supplier

City Councilor Bob Vermuelen, Chris Ball (the chair of our Economic Development Commission), the city’s Planning and Development Director Steve Glueck, and I spent some time visiting with two Golden-area employers on Friday.  Our first stop (which I wrote about in the previous blog post) was Yeti Cycles.  Our second stop on Friday’s Golden business tour was PMC Hydraulics, a new Golden employer in the Coors Technology Business Park manufacturing hydraulic components for the Denver region’s new Vestas wind turbine factory.  PMC is part of a large Danish company that manufactures hydraulic components for a wide range of industries.  They are in the process now of building out their manufacturing space, which we had a chance to tour.  The components themselves are pretty slick, playing critical roles like managing the degree of tilt of the turbine blades (requiring an extraordinary amount of hydraulic pressure, as you can imagine, given the force of the wind and the weight of the blades).  It’s a pretty slick system, how they are laying out the manufacturing lines and the diagnostics/testing stations, but even more impressive is the just-in-time logistics and operations management.  Vestas expects a very specific, very steady production rate, with very little inventory on hand, and their suppliers – like PMC – have to meet those expectations, along with extremely high quality and failure standards.  Here’s one photo, and if you are interested you’ll find a few more of the PMC facility on my Facebook page as well.  The Denver Post also ran a nice story about the new facility.

The PMC manufacturing space, with some of the layout established and a few key instruments installed. It will be fun to see the facility after its build out and running at full capacity.

Like all of the primary employers I’ve been able to visit over the past year or two, both Yeti Cycles and PMC provide good jobs for Golden and regional residents and both make significant contributions to the city’s tax base. Yeti helps maintain Golden’s position as a key mountain biking destination and PMC helps do the same with Golden’s reputation as a center of renewable energy technology. And they both also help draw significant numbers of visitors to Golden, helping to sustain our hotels and restaurants.


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