April 28, 2017

Radio Golden Episode #4: The “My Eminent Domain is Bigger Than Yours” edition, special guest Nathan Richie of the Golden History Museums, youth access to tobacco products, and more.

We published Episode #4 about a week ago. We had a great time, focusing mostly on the latest shenanigans and on a terrific interview with Golden History Museums director Nathan Richie.

We also experimented in this episode with a different format. In response to a listener suggestion (thanks Eric!), instead of a shorter episode with a separate extended interview, we recorded everything in a single podcast. The show is longer (about 50 minutes) but we didn’t break up our conversation with our guest. Let us know what you think!

On episode #4 you’ll hear:

  • 02:03 – Jeffco’s beltway shenanigans at the State Legislature
  • 14:21 – GURA’s new parking lot
  • 18:12 – Windy Saddle’s request for a liquor license for their outdoor seating
  • 22:35 – A conversation with Nathan Richie, the director of the Golden History Museums
  • 40:45 – Getting Involved
  • 44:00 – The Mailbox
  • 44:37 – Community Chatter

And here are some links related to some of the issues we brought up during podcast:


  1. Bill Graham says:


    Any chance of transcripts? It sure would be nice to spend 10 minutes reading the transcripts rather than 50 minutes listening to the podcast.

    Just a thought.

  2. jacob says:

    Great thought, Bill. We don’t have any way of doing transcripts right now … we three (plus Randy, our engineer) do this in our free time and on our own dimes, and we don’t have any way to add creating transcripts to the project. If there’s a free tool for transcribing, we could look at using it, but I don’t know if there’s anything out there yet that would be both free (or super cheap) and accurate at transcribing the podcast for us. We’re open to ideas. If you think of anything, let us know, and we’ll keep our eyes open for ideas as well.

    Another possibility would be to use a transcription service, but that would need to wait until we have enough sponsor revenue (if we ever do) to cover our costs. It’s a possibility, though.

    I don’t ever listen to podcasts when I’m at home or the office (like you, I’d prefer to read then), but I do listen to a bunch of podcasts while I’m running and while I’m driving, which works great for me, at least.

    Thanks for the note – much appreciated.

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