August 20, 2019

Golden Sustainability Awards 2010: Woody’s, Golden Real Estate, and More

Last week the City of Golden’s Sustainability Advisory Board announced the winners of the 2010 Sustainability Awards, which we presented on Thursday night at the City Council meeting. The awards offer a great way to highlight folks in the community doing great things as well as underscoring just how compatible doing the right thing can be with saving money and business success.

The winners:

  • Lloyd Athern and Povy Atchison – Individual Award for a garage restoration that is both historic and sustainable and numerous other sustainable elements of their East Street neighborhood home.
  • Woody’s Wood-Fired Pizza – Business Award for its photovoltaic system, recycling efforts, and other sustainability features.
  • ABC Car Wash – Business Award for their water conservation and water quality efforts.
  • Golden Real Estate – Business Award for their solar photovoltaic installation, energy efficiency improvements, and other efforts.
  • Robbie the first grader – Student Award for selling reusable cloth napkins to raise money to feed hungry Colorado children.
  • Institute for Environmental Solutions – Community Group Award for their Contaminants of Emerging Concern program, educating and reducing the impacts of household contaminants into our waterways.