January 21, 2020

What’s Happening in Golden

August 9, City Council Business Meeting and Study Session
City Hall at 7 p.m. The agenda includes appointment to the Golden Urban Renewal Authority, a resolution in support of funding measures for Jeffco schools, amendments to the Rooney Road Sports Complex and recycling center agreements with Jefferson County, a presentation to City Council by the Blue Ribbon Panel on Golden’s Economic Future, GURA’s quarterly report to City Council, and a discussion about the creation of a Downtown Development Task Force. City Council is meeting with Colorado School of Mines representatives for dinner before the official meeting starts. You can review the complete agenda, download the packet, and watch the live screencast, all on the city’s website.

August 10, Movies & Music in the Park
The next Movies & Music in the Park event features Dwight Mark at 7pm followed by The Muppet Movie at about 8:30. If the weather holds, you’ll find Movies & Music in the Park on 17, as well (with Tommy & the Tangerines and the movie Dolphin Tale).

August 11, Golden Farmer’s Market
The Farmer’s Market runs every Saturday from 8am – 1pm through October 6. If you haven’t been down yet this year, you’ll find it’s even bigger and better than last year.

August 18-19, Golden Fine Arts Festival
Golden’s premier art fest – the Golden Fine Arts Festival – runs all weekend long on 11th Street alongside the Clear Creek History Park.

August 23, City Council Business Meeting
City Hall at 7 p.m. You can review the agenda about a week before the meeting, and you can watch the live screencast, all on the city’s website.

August 25, USA Pro Cycling Challenge
Golden is hosting the start of Stage 6 of this year’s USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Just like last year, Golden is hosting a bunch of great events all weekend, including the “King of the Mountain” Lookout Mountain Hill Climb, the Taste of Golden block party, the movie Breaking Away at the Lions Park ballfields, and more.

August 28, Golden Cruise
The Golden Cruise is always the last Tuesday of the month, which means the next one is August 28. The action starts at Woody’s in downtown Golden at around 5:30pm with beer, free bike tune-ups, and plenty of frivolity. The Cruise starts at around 7pm.

September 1, Coffee With a Councilor
For folks living in the southern half of Golden, this is a chance to hear and ask questions of Councilor Saoirse Charis-Graves and other members of the City Council representing your part of town.

September 1, Golden Super Cruise
The Golden Super Cruise is cruising’ this summer, with official festivities running from 5-9pm. This is Golden’s car cruiser classic (not to be confused with the Golden Cruise, our bike cruiser event). There is one more Super Cruise evening scheduled for October 6.

September 7, First Friday Street Fair
Golden’s First Friday Street Fair continues in September. You’ll find inexpensive food, beer, music, kid-friendly entertainment, horse-drawn carriage rides, and more in historic downtown Golden from 5 – 10pm.

Two good websites for looking up other events in town are the city’s community calendar and Golden.com.

Comments Due on Jeffco Bike/Ped Plan: January 31

Jefferson County is distributing draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan maps, and you’ve got until January 31 to comment. The Denver Post ran an article about the draft maps, and you’ll find some additional information on the Bike Jeffco website.

Some Photos From the USA Pro Cycling Challenge

This weekend was a huge success for Golden by any measure, and a whole bunch of people – volunteers, city staff, local sponsors, and others – deserve tons of credit for making it happen. We are still assembling all the information, and I’ll share all of that soon, but in the meantime here are some photos from race day:

Mobile Race-Day Volunteers Needed!

Here’s a special opportunity to volunteer during the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Golden: cruising around on your bike, with your bike trailer, helping to sell the t-shirts, hats, and cowbells that are helping to fund Golden’s expenses tied to the race. From Golden’s race committee:

Wherever crowds are gathered, you’ll be there.

To make it extra fun, you can give stuff away!!!  You make the rules!!  Race trivia, wacky stunts, scavenger hunts…  Entertain the crowd!!  If you are really outgoing we might be able to scrounge up a bullhorn or two to play with!  Bring props and make it fun!

It is going to look really cool for Golden to have pedaling t-shirt sales everywhere!  Not only does it tie-in with our efforts to promote a green event, we are going to look kick-ass on TV when they show one of our rigs!!  (NBC Baby!)  No one I know of has seen this before, so it could be big.

Here is what we need:
You need to enjoy being the center of attention and enjoy pulling a bicycle trailer loaded up with stuff. We want this to be crazy!! Wear a costume!

Before you get too excited, thinking “hey, I could do this!” Ask yourself if you are able to make change for a $5. Can you count to ten? Correctly? If so – You Qualify!!

Some details: 

  • Contact: Julie Morales to volunteer (or me for questions).
  • Date is Sunday, August 28.
  • Time is 7:30-ish until 3pm-ish (firm this up later, fit your schedule/plans!)
  • We need kid trailers (with hitches) that we can borrow!!  (I will donate my double-wide.) We can cover damages.
  • We need a rider wrangler to help do a little advanced planning and coordinate riders on race day.
  • We’ll figure out a way to stash extra merchandise nearby in advance.
  • We’ll want to cover N Golden, downtown, lookout mtn, anywhere there are big crowds near Golden.
  • We (the Golden organizing committee) are in a bit of a jam so we need creative ways to sell a lot of stuff in a short time. This is one.
  • The proceeds from these sales will help pay for all the police, bathrooms, garbage collection, and other stuff that goes into putting on an event like this.
  • You get a really cool volunteer shirt and other schwag!
  • See the race in a really unique way!  (You will likely be ushered off the road by the motorcade!)
  • Help your community in a big way!


Craig Champlin
Outreach Co-chair
(720) 320-6570 :SMS
Golden – Stage 6 Start – 8/28/11



The USA Pro Cycling Challenge starts tomorrow and hits Golden next weekend. We’ve got a terrific lineup of events, an amazing crew of volunteers, and the makings of a phenomenal weekend in Golden, but we are still need some volunteer help on race day. If you’ve been thinking about helping out, or you haven’t been but it sounds like a cool idea, this is the time to check in.

From Craig Champlin and Mary Topping on our volunteer team:

Volunteer to help Golden host the Stage 6 start of the USAPCC bicycle race – Sunday, August 28!!

The bicycle race that will be in Golden next weekend is a really, really big deal for our city. The top three finishers of the Tour de France have declined to participate in the tour of Spain in order to come to Colorado!! This event will give us national and international coverage on a scale we have never before seen. It is our hope that this event will give our town a significant boost in tourism and will generally be very good for our town.

It is not too late to participate in this great event! We need help staffing our outreach/ merchandise booths. Share information about Golden with guests of our town. Help sell t-shirts, hats, and cowbells. We have plenty of opportunities. One or two hours of your time would be very valuable.

  • 8/26 Movie – 8p – finish, Lions Park, at the Ball Fields
  • 8/27 Hill climb, 8a – 11a, Lookout Mt.
  • 8/27 Kids Rodeo, a FUN event! 9a – 3p, Coors Tek Parking Lot, 10th and Jackson streets, Golden.
  • 8/27 “Taste of Golden” Block party, 5p – 9p, downtown, Washington Street
  • 8/27 – 28 Expo, 10a – 5p, Parfet Park
  • 8/28 (race day) – 8a – 2p, Autograph alley (11th st), 13th & Washington, Parfet Park, runners

To volunteer, please contact Julie Morales by email or by phone (720-839-7275).

Thank you. We look forward to meeting you on race day!

If you can help them out, please do!

The Golden Bike Cruise: A Primer

The Golden Bike Cruise is a great last-Tuesday-of-the-month summer tradition in Golden, and last week was no exception. It was an especially impressive turnout given the rain in the early evening, but it dried up and held for the entire Cruise. If you’re a regular Golden Bike Cruiser, you can skip to the photographs, but if you don’t know the routine here are the details:

The festivities officially begin at 5:30 at Woody’s and Table Mountain Inn, though I’m pretty sure there’s usually some festival-ing before the official start time. You’ll find the New Belgium beer tent in the Woody’s parking lot and plenty of happy cyclists hanging out, and around 6:30 folks head out for the short, family-friendly bike ride up to New Loveland Mine Park, with plenty of music and good cheer. After a bit everyone makes their way back down the hill.

There are only three left in the year: August 30, September 27, and October 25. You can find all the details on the official Golden Bike Cruise brochure.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Hold Open House on Refuge Land Exchange

Part of the Rocky Flats right-of-way and the proposed Candelas development (looking southwest).

The City of Golden just put out an announcement on an upcoming beltway-related meeting. This one specifically relates to the proposed sale of right-of-way on the east side of the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge. The JPPHA submitted a proposal to purchase this land for construction of their proposed toll highway, while Golden submitted a competing proposal to purchase it for a bikeway. Please attend if you are able on Wednesday, July 20. Details below:

The City of Golden has submitted a bid to purchase a corridor of land, presently owned by the U.S. Department of the Interior as part of the Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge, along Indiana Avenue. The City has also offered to purchase other environmentally sensitive lands and do a land exchange with the Refuge. If Golden is successful, the city will create a pedestrian and bicycle path on the corridor just west of Indiana Street.

However, Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge is seriously considering a bid from the Jefferson Parkway Authority, which plans to build a toll road on along the corridor.

If accepted, Golden’s proposal would have many benefits for Golden and the region as a whole, including:

  • Stopping the toll road from being built on what is now conservation land.
  • Potentially stopping or seriously delaying the entire toll road/ beltway concept.
  • Protecting important wildlife habitat.
  • Preventing the sprawl, noise and pollution that would come with a the proposed highway.
  • Providing alternate transportation now sorely lacking in this region.
  • Provide healthy recreational opportunities to Jefferson County residents.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, who owns the land, is holding a public open house to “help determine the appropriate level of environmental review” and is asking the public to comment on the “expansion” of the refuge through land exchange. The open house is scheduled for 5 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, July 20 at Westminster City Park Recreation Center, 10455 Sheridan Blvd. in Westminster.

In this case, a full environmental review would be extremely beneficial to Golden’s proposal, since a pedestrian and bicycle path would have very little negative environmental impact compared to a toll highway. Likewise, the “expansion” of the refuge should not come at the expense of wildlife habitats, as it will with a toll road.

For more information, read the documents related to Golden’s application:

Golden’s application to purchase the right-of-way.
Addendum #1 to Golden’s application.
Addendum #2 to Golden’s application.

Your voice is needed. If at all possible, please attend the upcoming open house. Additionally, please email or write a letter before July 29 (when public comment closes). In your letters, please ask that a full environmental impact study be done on any proposals and that all future land transfer agreements cause minimal environmental harm and instead augment preservation efforts as well benefit human health. Additionally, request that the full regional effects of a new toll road on sprawl and on Golden be considered and compared to the effects of a bikeway. Specifically ask that any land exchanges take place only if a multi-lane toll road will not be built on transferred land:

Send an email to both of the following:
Mike Dixon: RockFlatsEA@fws.gov
Bruce Hastings, Deputy Refuge Manager: RockyFlatsEA@fws.gov

Send a letter to both of the following:
Mike Dixon
Division of Refuge Planning
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
P.O. Box 25486, DFC
Denver, CO 80225


Bruce Hastings, Deputy Refuge Manager
Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge
6550 Gateway Road
Building 129
Commerce City, CO 80022

Sherpa Visits Golden on Worldwide Ride for Peace

Furtemba Sherpa with his bike and trailer. After 47,000 miles he's on his sixth bike.

At the Sherpa House in Golden.

Furtemba Sherpa passed through Golden a couple of weeks ago on his 17-year, 151-country global bicycle ride to promote peace and environmental stewardship. Since starting in 2003, he’s already ridden 47,000 miles and visited 71 countries. I joined him for dinner at the Sherpa House, mostly listening to his stories of traveling around the world, at times facing off with muggers and thieves but often experiencing people at their most generous.

There’s a “Furtemba: World Tour Cyclist” web site, as well, which I’m not sure is kept all that up-to-date but has a bunch of interesting background on his life and his journey.

The Transcript had a really nice story (“Pedaling to Promote Peace“) and a terrific photograph.

USA Pro Cycling Challenge Route: Golden Scores Big

From their press release today:

The final stage takes us along another highly anticipated route – the climb up and the descent down the treacherous Lookout Mountain, where the overall King of the Mountain winner will be decided. Racers will start under Golden’s famous “Howdy Folks” welcome arch, take a northern loop out of town, ride past the start line a second time, and then make the challenging ride up Lookout Mountain. At an average 6.1 percent grade and 1300 feet of elevation gain over 4.8 miles, this section provides an intense challenge on the tour’s final day. After a treacherous descent down the winding roads of Lookout Mountain, the cyclists are back again for a third time past the start line in Golden. With three opportunities to see the cyclists test their strength and strategy, the Golden start line will be one of the most coveted viewing spots of the entire race. The racers then speed toward Denver, where they take six laps of a five-mile circuit along Speer Boulevard before heading past the original Quiznos store at 13th and Grant to reach the finish line in Civic Center Park. An exciting five-mile circuit, the monumental finish line, and the most-watched day of the race will leave nothing to be desired as the first winner of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge is crowned in the Mile High City on August 28.

Golden Secures Federal Funding: Pedestrian Bridge Over U.S. 6 and Golden’s New Community Bus

Looking across U.S. 6 at the new under-construction light rail station from the Golden Ridge side.

The construction site at the Jefferson County building: the new light rail line and station.

Some really terrific news that would have been easy to miss during the Indian Gulch Fire last week: Golden secured federal funding for two extremely important community projects. The first of those is our new Golden community bus. We’ve been working for a couple of years now on a plan to launch a new circulator bus in Golden. Our highest priority is to connect the light rail station at the Taj with downtown Golden, but our vision is that over time we’ll be able to connect all of our neighborhoods, our schools, and our community facilities like the Community Center. This federal funding – $1,237,000 – is incredibly helpful, and we’ll be able to pool it with funding from RTD, Colorado School of Mines, and the city to operate the bus service for a three-year trial period starting in 2013 when the light rail opens.

We also secured $1,220,000 in federal funding for a new pedestrian bridge over U.S. 6 at the new light rail station. In other words, if you live in Golden Ridge, Golden Terrace. Stonebridge, Eagle Ridge, Heritage Dells, or anywhere else near Heritage Road, you will be able to walk or bike to the new light rail station without having to cross U.S. 6. That will make your journey much safer, quicker, and more pleasant. You’ll be able to easily walk to the light rail station and catch the train to work, the ballgame, or whatever else you might head into Denver for. You can ride your bike, lock it at the station, ride the light rail, and then grab your bike when you return. Or, as some Heritage Dells folks I met with this morning pointed out, you can ride your bike into Denver (downhill) and catch the light rail back to Golden (uphill). We’ll match the federal funding with $750,000 from RTD and $300,000 from the city.

The funding is allocated through the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG). Councilor Marjorie Sloan and I represent Golden at DRCOG, and we’ve been working hard for months, along with city staff, to include the dollars for our two projects in this round of funding allocations. I’m really pleased we were able to pull it of.