April 28, 2017

Service Dog Memorial Unveiled at Foothills Animal Shelter

Although I couldn’t attend the event, I’m very happy to be able to write about it … last month Foothills Animal Shelter unveiled a new sculpture celebrating the contributions that service dogs make in the community. Even cooler: the project was itself a service project by a local 15-year old as part of fulfilling the requirements to become an Eagle Scout.

The Columbine Courier has a nice story on the event, as did Examiner.com (I don’t know how that happened, but it’s a nice story as well).

As is often the case in Golden, the Rotary Club of Golden played a major role in funding and supporting the project, so hats off to them (and First Bank of Colorado, which also provided some important financial support).

(Photo by Carrie Dow/Examiner.com)

The New Foothills Animal Shelter is Open for Business

The brand new Foothills Animal Shelter celebrated its grand opening on Saturday morning.  It really is a beautiful building with great space for all of the animals that spend time there.  This has been an impressive multi-jurisdictional effort – a whole bunch of local government folks from across Jefferson County working together – along with huge community support.  Kudos to the City of Golden’s own Finance Director, Jeff Hansen, for playing such an important role on the Foothills Animal Shelter board of directors and working so hard as part of the team that made this new facility happen.  The new building is very visible from 6th Avenue just west of the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

Arvada Deputy Police Chief (and president of the Foothills Animal Shelter board of directors) Gary Creager was the master of ceremonies at the Foothills Animal Shelter grand opening.

The reception area of the new Foothills Animal Shelter.

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