February 17, 2020

City Council’s Retreat: Setting the Agenda for 2012-2013

The first priority on City Council's list for 2012-2013 is supporting Golden's schools and libraries.

The Golden City Council held its biannual retreat earlier in February, focusing on their work plan for the next two years. They identified nine general areas they want to focus on: (1) supporting Golden’s schools and libraries; (2) improving public space; (3) promoting a healthy community; (4) moving the ball forward on key transportation issues; (5) strengthening Golden’s neighborhoods; (6) fostering a strong relationship with Colorado School of Mines; (7) supporting a strong economy; (8) improving on the city’s capital improvement plan; and (9) meeting the city’s sustainability goals. It’s a great list but also a pretty expansive one, and I’m looking forward to learning more about how Council is planning to prioritize among those goals.

Keeping Golden Healthy

One of Beth V.'s pics . . . Principle West trying to keep up with the kids.

In the Informer last month, I wrote about some of the ways the city encourages a healthy community, from our employee-focused efforts (healthy employees keep health care costs down, improve morale, and increase productivity) to our community investments (e.g., the Community Center, the Splash, our trails and bike lanes) and our support for great kid-oriented efforts. I dropped on the first day of the spring Mitchell Mileage program, one of those very cool efforts. Thanks to a few parents who just stepped up to make it happen, a bunch of the kids run laps in the playground during their recess on Wednesdays and Fridays. I took a lap with Principal West and some of the third graders and then another one with some of the sixth graders, including one who ran a record-setting 30 miles last year (in recess-long increments). Huge kudos to these and the other parents who’ve figured out how to get the kids fired up about running.

And yup, I’ll be swinging by the Shelton Running Club one of these days as well.