February 17, 2020

Radio Golden Episode #2: Mike Murphy, Sprawl, Rude Trail Users, and More

Radio Golden Episode #2, featuring an interview with Mike Murphy, discussion about sprawl north of Golden and the library’s potential expansion, a rant about rude trail users, and more is available on the Radio Golden website. You can listen to or download Episode #2 and the Episode #2 Extended Interview, or you can just subscribe to the Radio Golden podcast through iTunes.

On the Next Radio Golden: An Interview With Retired Golden High Principal Mike Murphy

Radio Golden episode #2 is coming … we are recording at the end of the week and should have the episode online by Saturday morning. Our guest: retired Golden High School principal Mike Murphy. We’ll chat about what’s going well at Golden High, the challenges ahead, opportunities for the city to support Golden’s schools, and some of the persistent challenges around drugs and alcohol. Tune in through the Radio Golden website.

All right, so you can’t actually “tune-in” exactly, since it’s not a live-stream (yet), but you can listen directly on the Radio Golden website after it’s posted, you can download the mp3s, or you can subscribe to Radio Golden through iTunes.

Radio Golden Episode #1 is Live on iTunes

Host Pamela Gould and Radio Golden guest Mayor Marjorie Sloan in the studio.

Hosts Matt Burde and Jacob Smith in the Radio Golden studio just before recording Episode #1.

Radio Golden: Episode 1 is now live in the iTunes app store! I haven’t been able to get it to show up in the search results yet (anyone have suggestions?), but it’s now in the iTunes store where you can download or subscribe to both the regular podcast and the extended interview with Mayor Marjorie Sloan.

If you aren’t familiar with subscribing to podcasts in iTunes, it’s terrific: iTunes will automatically check all of the podcasts you’ve subscribed to, upload any new episodes, and then update your iPhone or other device whenever you plug it in.

You can manage your podcast settings by clicking on the “Settings” button at the bottom of the screen. If you have a specific podcast subscription highlighted when you do that, you can manage individual settings for that podcast, and if you don’t have any highlighted you can manage the settings for all of your podcasts.

Apple has some useful tips for using podcasts in iTunes as well.

We hope you enjoy Episode #1 and we welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions (talk@radiogolden.net).

Radio Golden is Live

Today we launched Radio Golden, an every-other-week-or-so podcast on news and politics here in Golden and Jeffco. For now, you can download the mp3 files from the RadioGolden.net website, or you can listen to them directly on the site. We are setting up the podcast through iTunes, as well, so you’ll be able to subscribe through iTunes to the Radio Golden podcast so that it downloads automatically into iTunes every time we post a new edition.

Episode #1:

  • Hosts Matt Burde, Pamela Gould, and Jacob Smith offer updates and commentary on Golden Valley and Golden City Council news, including the Golden light rail station and the South Neighborhoods Plan, Jeffco’s open space citizen survey, and a rundown on other new highlights of the past few weeks.
  • Upcoming opportunities to get involved in Golden.
  • A chat with Mayor Marjorie Sloan about City Council’s priorities and challenges for 2012.
  • Community Chatter … other news that folks are excited about.

You’ll also find the Episode #1 Extended Interview on the site, a longer interview with Mayor Sloan about the Council’s priorities and challenges.

Check it out and share your thoughts …