February 17, 2020

Jeffco Considers “Future Development” Rezoning Request on South Table Mountain

Castle Rock on South Table Mountain (thanks to Preston Driggers for the photo).

Among the most important open space accomplishments of the past couple of decades in Golden is the protection of South Table Mountain. Although South Table is mostly outside the city limits, it plays a critical part in protecting Golden’s small-town and historic character by helping buffer us from the impacts of regional growth in the Denver Metro area. Much of South Table is protected under Jeffco’s open space program, but the property owners of one important parcel are now asking the county to change the zoning designation from “open space” to “future development.” the forty acres in question are on the top of South Table Mountain at the end of the dirt road that extends from Quaker Street.

If you have any comments on this proposal, here are two good options (and you can do both): 1) You can send an email to Heather Gutherless (hgutherl@jeffco.us), the staff planner that is guiding the Central Plans Community Plan for the county, or 2) you can attend the county planning commission public hearing on Wednesday (Sept. 14) at Hearing Room 1 in the County Building. The public hearing is scheduled to start at 6:15 p.m.

Many people in this community have worked very hard for a long time to protect South Table Mountain, and it’s important that Jeffco staff – which is presently supporting the current “open space” designation – hear from community members that support their position.