September 17, 2019

Radio Golden Episode #2: Mike Murphy, Sprawl, Rude Trail Users, and More

Radio Golden Episode #2, featuring an interview with Mike Murphy, discussion about sprawl north of Golden and the library’s potential expansion, a rant about rude trail users, and more is available on the Radio Golden website. You can listen to or download Episode #2 and the Episode #2 Extended Interview, or you can just subscribe to the Radio Golden podcast through iTunes.

Clear Creek Trail Update

Looking west at the area of the south-side Clear Creek trail connection from 11th.

The new bridge over Clear Creek just east of U.S. 6 is installed and getting a lot of use. While we don’t have all of the trail connections in place yet, you can access Chimney Gulch from there through the tunnel/culvert underneath U.S. 6. The trail alongside U.S. 6 is moving along, and we’ve even got some good news about the new trail project on the south side of Clear Creek. It’s been quite the saga, with a long dispute between CSM and the state about cleaning up some leftover waste that was resolved – we thought – with a cleanup project last year. Then the state discovered more contaminants, and the trail project is on hold until the next cleanup phase is complete. The good news: CSM apparently has a contractor ready to go this fall to perform exploratory excavations in the areas where the monitoring wells show elevated contaminant levels. They’ll remove the material from the site and then cart it away altogether. This is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. Although I’m not sure I’d bet the farm on meeting that schedule, this is forward progress and for that I’m pleased. The State Energy Impact Assistance Fund just extended our $150,000 grant for the trail until July 31, 2011, and we are now planning to build it in the spring of next year.