October 20, 2018

The Emperor v. The Weavers: A Victory for Education

The view from the judge's bench of the many proud parents in the courtroom.

Jury duty isn’t usually something you look forward to, and it’s usually solemn rather than fun, but a week ago I participated on the jury of an unusual trial that turned out to be a highlight of the week: Kyffin 6th graders played the part of the prosecution, defense, judge, and bailiff in the case of the Emperor (who was upset about parading naked while he thought was was wearing a magic suit) v. the weavers (who manufactured this suit). Rep. Max Tyler and I and a bunch of parents made up the jury. Verdict: we found the weavers not guilty on the count of theft, but the jury hung on the count of fraud (we couldn’t reach unanimity on whether the weavers were in the clear because the Emperor accepted the suit, or was he deceived). The kids did a tremendous job, and my hat is off to their teacher, to Kyffin, and to my fellow jurors.