January 23, 2020

The Great Golden Business Tour: MV Systems

An example of an MV Systems thin film production unit.

Another angle. Each of the chambers is an ultra high vacuum (which I think is required for doing thin film deposition).

Here you can see a manufacturing process taking place inside one of the vacuum chambers.

Ok, so this one is a bit on the belated side – I visited these folks while I was still mayor last July – but it’s still very cool. I won’t pretend to really understand what they do, but here’s my take: MV Systems builds machines for manufacturing cutting-edge thin film products (“thin film deposition systems”) using a series of extremely high vacuum chambers. You can get a sense of this from my photos. Steve Glueck (the city’s Planning and Development Director) and I visited their facility back in July right here in Golden.

And, by the way, MV Systems received the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Mayor’s Award for Excellence, and they seem to be doing really well on the business side of things, as well. I remember seeing a news release late last year about new orders for their solar cell manufacturing systems from Mexico and Europe.

One of the coolest things about serving as mayor was having the opportunity to visit so many of Golden’s amazing cool manufacturing companies and other primary employers, from nuclear waste filter manufacturers to high-end mountain bike companies to the next-gen ceramic body armor factory. I don’t expect that I’ll be doing as many of these visits in my post-mayor life, but I’ll continue to support and promote them, and I’ll continue to be a champion for Golden as a hub of exceptionally cool companies building extraordinarily innovative products.