October 20, 2018

Town Hall Meeting on Jeffco School Funding

Golden’s delegation to the state legislature – Senator Moe Keller and Representative Max Tyler – held a town hall meeting at Golden City Hall a week ago. They were joined by Jeffco School Board members Laura Boggs (Golden’s representative), Dave Thomas (the chair of the school board), and Jane Barnes. Some key points:

  • Many local schools avoided closure on this most recent round of budget cuts but there are very steep cuts still ahead.
  • Jeffco built up very strong reserves, but they are now faced with the difficult choice of spending down the reserves to keep schools open and retain class size (which only works if the economy recovers quickly, before the reserves are entirely spent down), or making more cuts now so that the reserve last longer.
  • In addition to tackling the budget cuts, Jeffco is focusing heavily on retention and graduation rates.

Golden's State Representative Max Tyler.

Jeffco School Board President Dave Thomas.


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