December 8, 2019

USA Pro Cycling Challenge Route: Golden Scores Big

From their press release today:

The final stage takes us along another highly anticipated route – the climb up and the descent down the treacherous Lookout Mountain, where the overall King of the Mountain winner will be decided. Racers will start under Golden’s famous “Howdy Folks” welcome arch, take a northern loop out of town, ride past the start line a second time, and then make the challenging ride up Lookout Mountain. At an average 6.1 percent grade and 1300 feet of elevation gain over 4.8 miles, this section provides an intense challenge on the tour’s final day. After a treacherous descent down the winding roads of Lookout Mountain, the cyclists are back again for a third time past the start line in Golden. With three opportunities to see the cyclists test their strength and strategy, the Golden start line will be one of the most coveted viewing spots of the entire race. The racers then speed toward Denver, where they take six laps of a five-mile circuit along Speer Boulevard before heading past the original Quiznos store at 13th and Grant to reach the finish line in Civic Center Park. An exciting five-mile circuit, the monumental finish line, and the most-watched day of the race will leave nothing to be desired as the first winner of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge is crowned in the Mile High City on August 28.


  1. Warren Spaulding says:

    Jacob: 1. When on August 28 will the downtown streets of Golden be open for resident use automotive ?

    2. If a young child falls into Clear Creek and is swept away, is Golden liable for having failed to prevent access to an attractive hazard? Opportunbities for such happening are presented at numerous places between the Highway 6 bridge and a blok east of Washington. Few, if any, fences or blockades of some sort exist in that stretch.


    • jacob says:

      Hi Warren – I don’t think the details for the 28th have been figured out yet, but I’ll ask them to post info here if they have, and I’ll certainly report it when the finalize all of that as well. On your second question, the basic answer is ‘no’ so long as the city doesn’t act in a reckless manner (that’s not the precise legal language but that’s the general idea). I’m happy to have the city attorney fill you in with more detail if you’d like – just let me know.

    • Julie Brooks says:

      Hi Warren – While details are still being worked out, the streets downtown are expected to open between 2 and 3 p.m. on Sunday. Once the race leaves town (should be by noon), the only street that should remain closed is the 1100 block of Washington Avenue. It will stay closed until they start line and tents have been dismantled, which may take up to three hours. Please contact me at or 303-384-8013 if I can be of any further assistance.