April 28, 2017

Vision for Golden

My Vision for Golden:

Golden is characterized by strong neighborhoods, a strong sense of community, a high quality of life, and its historic and small town character.

  • We enable strong neighborhoods across Golden with a high quality of life and good access to community amenities.
  • We maintain the character of our neighborhoods and our historic downtown.  Some change is ok, but we need to manage it carefully and thoughtfully.
  • Golden has numerous parks and other public space.  We ensure that everyone in Golden lives within a ten-minute walk of a park or open space.
  • The city’s infrastructure – our police and fire, our water and  wastewater systems, and our streets – are well-maintained.  Our community’s amenities, like the Community Center and our parks and trails, are also maintained well and managed effectively.
  • Our schools are successful and well integrated into our community and neighborhoods.

Golden is an environmentally sustainable community.

  • It is easy to travel within and between neighborhoods, our historic downtown, our other business districts, and our recreational and cultural facilities by foot, bicycle, and bus/transit.
  • Golden is well connected to the regional transit system.
  • Golden meets its Sustainability Initiative goals for increased use of renewable energy, increased energy efficiency, improved water conservation, reduced contributions to the landfill, etc.
  • Golden maintains clear air and water.
  • Golden continues to protect our open space and greenbelt.

Golden sustains its economic vitality.

  • Our historic downtown and other business districts thrive.
  • Golden’s merchants are generally locally owned.
  • We sustain a high employment base, especially with the primary jobs that promote community vitality and themselves create additional jobs in town.
  • We maintain the city’s financial health.

Golden residents and business owners trust and participate in local government.

  • Every Golden citizen has the opportunity to meaningfully participate in city government decisions.
  • City boards, community initiatives, open houses, and public meetings benefit from a high level of participation by community members.
  • City government is transparent and accountable to the community.
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